LearnFast programs build learning capacity, develop reading fluency and reading comprehension.

Fast ForWord Brain Training

Fast ForWord Brain Training programs are scientifically proven to build brain fitness through individualised adaptive computer exercises that develop the memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills necessary for reading and learning. These programs simultaneously build the language skills that are fundamental for successful reading.

Fast ForWord Brain TrainingStudents’ individual learning weaknesses are identified by the exercises and are continuously challenged as the program adjusts the degree of difficulty. Students can make gains of up to 1-2 years in reading competency and these gains are maintained without additional training. More details.


Fast ForWord Reading Development

Students quickly improve reading comprehension skills with the FastForWord Reading Development Series. The exercises increase processing efficiency and build critical reading skills. No other reading intervention program offers a more scientifically proven approach. Students are motivated by the instant feedback and engaging exercises. More Details.


Reading Assistant Online Reading TutorReading Assistant Online Reading Tutor

Reading Assistant is an online personal, interactive reading tutor. Reading Assistant actually “listens” to each student read. If a student stumbles or gets stuck, Reading Assistant intervenes by saying the word correctly, providing help at the very moment when it’s most effective. It develops vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. More Details.


LearnFast’s Maths Brain BuilderLearnFast’s Maths Brain Builder

The Maths Brain Builder builds and strengthens the ‘maths brain’. The “maths brain” is the physical structure of a student’s brain – the organisation of neurons, dendrites and synapses into communication pathways within the brain – needed to understand and work with mathematical concepts.

The Maths Brain Builder does something totally different to tutoring or coaching – in fact the Maths Brain Builder makes both more effective. The Maths Brain Builder literally strengthens the brain’s ability to learn maths and you get to watch and measure that improvement each month. More details.


Other LearnFast Programs

Cogmed Working MemoryCogmed Working Memory

Cogmed training is for people who wish to improve their ability to concentrate and are constrained by their working memory.

Congratulations to LearnFast’s Cogmed Coach, Heidi Middlebrook, winner of the Cogmed Coach of the 2014/2015 Year Award.

More Details.


Cellfield Dyslexia Treatment

Cellfield is a computer-based program that improves phonological awareness, decoding ability, and stimulates the visual areas of the brain we use to track and read effectively. More Details

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